Live In A Township And Get More Out Of Your Investment

Expert builders of TID and CDL have designed impeccable township at Punggol district which is all set to builders have produced more than 800 condominiums along the harbor area in Singapore. Piermont Township is located near the Sumang walks where you can see waterfront promenade and would feel proud when you show your place to friends and relatives. Thus, Piermont Grand, EC is one of the best options to invest in.

Why is it considered a wise decision to invest in this township?

Cost economic condos

You will be surprised by hearing the price of Executive Condominiums which are designed at Piermont Township. For an applicant, he or she should have an income around S$14,000 to buy these condominiums. Moreover, eligible buyers are also qualified for S$30,000 as a grant from the government of Singapore. This Township also has various luxurious facilities and is equipped with the latest surveillance system, thus imparting great protection to its residents.

The impeccable network of transport

Builders of TID and CDL are also planning to construct the bus stations and railway terminals inside this township. Residents of Piermont Township will also get several LRT stations at Punggol, Sumang and in Nibong. Thus, you can effectively travel within the township and can also visit the metropolitan city of Singapore without any hassle.

Excellent growth opportunities

Through an effective master plan presented by the builders, residents of Piermont Township will also be able to get Business Park as well as a university in the vicinity. The construction of the Business Park is undertaken by JTC developers. Through this Business Park, it is estimated that the Township will provide a lot of job opportunities to its residents.

Impeccable natural environment

The heritage trail at Piermont Township is also a great center of attraction which will be constructed by renovating the Punggol road. This will give a great opportunity to the residents of Executive Condominiums at Sumang walk. Residents of this township can also participate in various recreational activities with their loved ones. On both the sides of 1.3 kilometers long road, you will get great parks where you can sit back during evenings or can have great picnics.

Various opportunities for kids and grownups

The builders have also constructed SAFRA club which is only a few blocks away from Executive Condominiums. The building is five storeys and has different amenities for residents’ viz. water playground, educational centers where residents can learn arts and linguistics. In SAFRA club, you can also get premium preschools for your young ones. SAFRA club is also considered an ideal place for the gym, yoga classes, spa facility, etc.

Beautiful market place

There is also a plan to construct Market village right along the waterfront area where you can roam around with your family during the evenings. In this Market Village, you will also get an opportunity to get a lot of delicious cuisine and a variety of retail shops. The Market Village is expected to be constructed at the eastern side of the Township so that you can get a great dining experience.