What accounts for the French romantic soul? Now, you don’t have to be a big fan of French new wave cinema to understand that such a thing exists. It is a thing.

If you’ve ever hung out with French people, and I’m not just talking about French women from a parochial school background, but across the board, you know that there is a certain romance to them.

Now, keep in mind that romance and all things romantic are essentially personal. Let’s just get that out of the way. That is a fundamental assumption that we must all agree on because hey, let’s face it, what you find sexy may not be sexy to somebody else. In fact, to the person sitting right next to you, the things that you find romantic, poetic and soul searching are downright corny and even ridiculous.

Such is life. Different strokes for different folks. We all look at the world differently because we have different experiences. All these differences add up to quite a bit of variation.

It’s too easy to think that just because we say things a certain way and we view the world a certain way that, automatically, everybody else would at least be cognizant or be respectful of our perspective. Boy, are we in for a nasty shock when it turns out that this is not the case.

By and large, the world has its own agenda. It turns on its own axis and it has its own assumptions and expectations. That’s just the way the world works. And the French romantic soul is world renowned for being able to make sense of things of the heart in a way that other cultures can’t.

Part of this is due to literary tradition. It also is partly due to the typically French approach to life. That life is supposed to be lived, not just in terms of the way Italians do it (Italians also live life to the fullest in terms of flavors), but in terms of emotional range.

You know you’re dealing with a French person when their words change to mirror the exact blend of emotions playing out in the reality unfolding in front of you. This is the French romantic soul.

You can tell something has a soul when it speaks and relates past the emotional level. We’re not just talking emotions and spirits and everything in between, we’re also talking about a distinct attitude that seems to sum up life in a way that really teases out what is truly important and what truly matters.

The French have this. Thanks to French literature, French culture and cinema, French people are just trained from an early age to look at life in such vivid ways.

Put in another way, everybody looks at life in hues of gray. French look at it as an explosion or even a riot of vibrant, living and explosive, threatening color.

As much as fire is beautiful from afar, it can also be downright scary, and French people understand this full well. This is second nature to them. And that’s what gives their romantic soul such vibrancy.